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R.M.Packaging Pvt Ltd manufactures four ply having the following structure :Paper/ Poly/ Foil/ Poly
This ply is suitable for packing of Pharmaceutical Products such as Tablet, Capsules, Oral powders etc., with the following general specification. The final product specifications are made as per agreed contract with the customers.


Soft Aluminium foil made from alloy AA 1200 / AA 1235 conforming to Aluminium Association specification.

Standard Foil Gauge Options Tolerance ( ± 8% )
0.009 ± 0.00072
0.012 ± 0.00096
0.030 mm +/- 0.0024 mm

The quality of foil is as per our light gauge foil specification.


White Glassine having the thickness of 41 GSM ± 10%.


Colorless LDPE conforming to the applicable Government regulations regarding direct contact with medicines and drugs as a sealant layer and also as adhesive to bind foil and paper.