The company was promoted by technical entrepreneurs.
Chief promoter : Mr Asitava Chackerbutty is a highly dynamic technocrat from the IIT brand who set up this company in 1991.

R.M. Packaging Pvt. Ltd. was registered in 1990 and commercial production started in 1993. The Company was a pioneer in Aluminium foil based packaging laminates and especially for industrial laminates like Polyal tape and Mylar tape. Polyal tape was produced only by two companies in India at that time. With the romotersexperience in foil industryand with foil industry pioneer India Foils Ltd and then in a senior position with P.G. Foils Ltd the company has never looked back.

The Company started to cater to the needs of the cable manufacturing industries in India and also neighbouring Bangladesh Since 1994. Apart from the cable laminates the company had product in PHARMACEUTICAL FOILS and FOOD PACKAGING FOILS. The company had customers like Britannia Industries, Calcutta Chemical, Organon India, large cable manufacturing companies like Sterlite Industries, Usha Beltron ltd etc.

The Company exports foils to Nepal,Bangladesh, South America, and Europe. A major push for better market share has been taken in recent times and the company has quality systems compliant with ISO certification.

The Company is now dedicated on achieving higher growth and has focused on stringent quality, customer relationship and modern outlook.

Export oriented growth will catapult the company to higher peaks in the coming years and months.

The company is equipped with highly experienced personnel in gravure printing coating, lamination and in quality control measures.

The company has embarked on a modernization drive for its machines so that quality and quantity can be achieved at minimum cost.